Why is the appearance so hot?

Iron Pig Hero is an upcoming project with a great meaning to fight against the covid-19 pandemic. One of the viruses is making the world chaotic and a lot of countries have implemented methods of isolating people, checking medical declarations when traveling. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is raging everywhere, causing countless human losses in general and economic development in particular.

Therefore, To protect the interests of the affected community and contribute to protecting the world, the Iron Pig Hero (IPH) cryptocurrency was born. This will help many countries as cryptocurrencies become more widely available.

Iron Pig Hero appears as a charity fund with the goal of benefiting the Earth and repelling the Covid-19 pandemic. With 100% of the money that the charity has (the money in the fund is the investors who trade IPH, this fee will be transferred to the international charity fund to transfer to countries facing difficulties in the pandemic). Therefore, IPH is a hot token in recent times, making google keywords a lot and causing search congestion on Google.

Cryptocurrencies are hot lately

General introduction to IPH

Initial total supply will be 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens. Shows that the initial total supply is very large and is a project that will attract a lot of participants

Initial Burn: 40% of Token reserves

Initial issuance of 60% of token reserves

Transaction fee: allocation 4%

  • 50% locked
  • 30% will be distributed to all owners
  • The remaining 20% will be burned

Information that users need to know about Iron Pig Hero

Name: Iron Pig Hero

Token Code: IPH

Technology: BEP-20

Development process and orientation of IPH

Phase 1: Collaboration with other smart coins with comics token designs. That is the hinge to prepare the IPH token announcement event to users around the world. Start collaborating with various non-profit organizations.

Phase 2: IPH will be registered on each other such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and some other providers. We will build into a development community, with great influence on users. From here, it is possible to accelerate the signing of contracts with famous people who have great influence in the world. This is an important stage to promote IPH to develop more.

Phase 3: One of IPH’s next roadmaps is to launch more new ecosystems to optimize the interface allowing IPH tokens to become commonly used currencies in the world. Combined with the charity fundraising for the Covid-19 pandemic and the social media campaign, it will make the influence of the cryptocurrency even bigger.

Image of IPH coin the new symbol of cryptocurrencies

This is the reason why the keyword Iron Pig Hero is hot and congested on Google search keywords. Because of the advantages it brings, it is very good to support countries against the Covid-19 pandemic